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The International Hajji Baba Society, founded in 1963, is an informal, non-profit organization of collectors, enthusiasts and scholars dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of fine textiles.


There are approximately 100 members of the IHBS in the greater Washington D.C. area (and more outside the region), with about equal numbers of individual and joint memberships. The backgrounds and interests of our members are as rich and varied as the textiles they study, collect and enjoy. Many have lived abroad or traveled widely.

While oriental rugs, bags, trappings and related weavings are a principal interest of many members, the focus of the group's activities is broader and includes textiles from Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Among the major focal areas of textile study in which members excel are:
...... History and Ethnography
...... Structure and Technique
...... Colors and Dyes
...... Artistic Considerations
...... Use and Cultural Significance

The International Hajji Baba Society strives to serve the rug and textile interests of all of its members, novices and dedicated collectors. It is a welcoming and inclusive Society, operated as a resource for all of its members.


The Society is a great mechanism for accessing and becoming a member of the rug and textile collector/scholar community. Society meetings, held approximately four to seven times a year, offer illustrated presentations by experts and frequent opportunity to see and touch "in the cloth" examples. Some are "experiential" and offer members the chance both to practice particular rug-related skills such as determining attribution or evaluating "handle". Some meetings feature food and drink. The Society periodically organizes out-of-town trips to visit museums, exhibitions or private collections. Variety is assured.

Members are also notified of a number of upcoming conferences: the International Conference on Oriental Carpets, the American Conference on Oriental Rugs, the Textile Museum Symposia, and others.

There are no specific requirements for membership in terms of extent of prior knowledge in the field of textiles or of the size or value of personal collections. Members are expected to have a sincere and continuing interest in textiles and a commitment to participate in the activities of the Society, since its primary purpose is the sharing of knowledge and enjoyment of textile arts and crafts from around the world in a congenial social setting.

If you are interested in becoming a member, access the application form on this Web site. For additional information about the Society, feel free to attend one of our meetings as a guest or contact one of the following:

Jeffrey Krauss, President................jeff@krauss.ws
Roger Pratt, Treasurer...................rog.s.pratt@gmail.com
Austin Doyle, Program Chair..............doyle.austin@gmail.com

Send additions and corrections to Jeff Krauss