The Kennedy Center

Fantasy in Japan Blue

October 2017

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In honor of Japan's historic ties to the Kennedy Center and new renovations to the Terrace Theater, Reiko Sudo, world leader in textile design and production brings her internationally acclaimed work to the Hall of States for a six-week exhibition. The Terrace Theater was originally built in 1976 with contributions by the Japanese government and the people of Japan.

Fantasy in Japan Blue will feature fabric made from natural material mounted on 115 open fans, a symbol of good fortune. Each fan is dyed to correspond to one of the 48 shades of Japanese indigo, or Japan Blue, which has been produced in Japan since the 8th century. Sudo uses 46 shades of indigo in this display—her nod to the 46 years of John F. Kennedy's life.

This event is free & open to the public.

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