Planned Events
of the International Hajji Baba Society

*Some programs such as salons and home visits marked with an * are open only to Hajji members and require pre-registration two weeks in advance of the event. Information on location and how to register will be forthcoming.

DATE: Sunday, September 29, 2019
TIME: 2:00pm
SPEAKER: DeWitt Mallary
SUBJECT: Turkmen Carpets: A New Perspective from Juerg Rageth
LOCATION: The Textile Museum

Juerg Rageth first became interested in radiocarbon dating of textiles to help answer questions about Anatolian kilims. His interest developing eventually into a symposium and exhibition and then a book presenting his findings. After being approached by some European collectors of Turkmen rugs about applying his methods to learning about Central Asian weavings, he devoted the next fifteen-plus years to an ever-expanding inter-disciplinary study of Turkmen weavings. His magnum opus, the two-volume Turkmen Carpets: A New Perspective, was published at the end of 2015. It combines radiocarbon dating results, dye analyses, information about the ways dyes were used in groups of weavings, historical data, and art historical information and theory to arrive at some new conclusions about certain types of Turkmen pile weavings. DeWitt Mallary, who edited the English version of the book, will present an overview of the project and some selected examples of the data and theories from the book.

DeWitt Mallary began collecting Baluch and Turkmen rugs in the 1980s. He has written for HALI and prepared presentations on a variety of topics for ACOR, ICOC, and rug club meetings around the US and Europe. In 2009, he became a full-time dealer in a wide variety of collectible antique rugs and textiles. In 2012, he agreed to work on editing the English translation of Juerg Rageth's book about Turkmen rugs. More than three years after the beginning of the six-month project, the book was published.

DATE: Sunday October 6, 2019
TIME: 12 noon
EVENT: Annual IHBS Picnic and Rug Market
TIME: Noon
LOCATION: Backyard of Jeff Krauss
SUBJECT: Rug Market and Annual Picnic

RUG MARKET: Starting at noon, or whenever setup is done. Please start thinking about rugs and textiles you have that you might like to pass on to a fellow Hajji member for a reasonable price. Smaller items would be best. Tables will be provided. Guests of IHBS members will be welcome; for guests, we'll ask for a $5 contribution for lunch. Or of course anyone who takes the opportunity to join the Hajjis gets a free lunch!!

POTLUCK LUNCH: Lunch will be served at noon. The IHBS has been holding gourmet potluck meals for many years. Participants should bring a favorite appetizer, salad or dessert. Whatever you bring should serve about six people. The IHBS will provide wine, beer and some non-alcoholic beverages. Austin Doyle will fire up the barbecue grills and we will supply hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken.

SHOW AND TELL: IHBS members are invited to bring your newest acquisition to talk about.

DATE: Saturday, October 19, 2019
TIME: 2:00pm
SPEAKER: Rosamund Mack
SUBJECT: The Mystery of Cairo's Magnificent Mamluk Carpets
LOCATION: The Textile Museum

During the 1480s, large new carpets arrived in Granada, Jerusalem, and the Vatican. Contemporary Arab and Italian observers considered these carpets unique and more spectacular than any seen before. Their origins and early history have long been mysterious and controversial. Documents and patronage history now establish the place and date of manufacture, and circumstances of export. The ‘Generalife’ carpet at the Alhambra, and the Bardini-Textile Museum blazon carpet illustrate the novelties, and features that will endure as well as others which soon disappear. Other mysteries remain.

Rosamond E. Mack is a local art historian best known for her book Bazaar to Piazza: Islamic Trade and Italian Art 1300-1600 (2001).

DATE: Saturday, November 23, 2019
TIME: 10:30am
SPEAKER: Shiv Sikri
SUBJECT: Hidden in Plain Sight: Irregularities & Variations in Oriental Rug Designs
LOCATION: The Textile Museum

Irregularities and variations in oriental rugs have been "explained away" in an ad hoc, case by case basis here in the west, far from the places they were woven and without any explanations from those that wove them. These explanations include notions of individual variations, mistakes, or indeed change of weavers. However, many such irregularities can be seen to be quite specific and articulate. This raises the possibility, one that should be given appropriate weight, that these are traditional practices and may signify something more than individual improvisations. By comparing many examples, we hope to persuade old timers and new enthusiasts to look at oriental weaving traditions anew, to identify views that are coherent over several millennia and across a broad geography, and that consciously incorporate specific variations.

Shiv Sikri's professional training is in Mathematics, and he holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in the subject. He has been a lecturer at a wide range of colleges in the New York area, including FIT and Sarah Lawrence College. His primary affiliation for over 20 years has been with the colleges of CUNY (City University of New York.) He also enjoys teaching children in a Math Circle setting. As a mathematician, Shiv specializes in Number Theory of the algebraic kind. Shiv worked in the antique oriental carpet trade for several years simultaneously with his academic pursuits. He collects over a wide range of weavings, but early Baluch material is closest to his heart.

DATE: Sunday February 9, 2020
TIME: 6 pm
EVENT: Annual IHBS Dinner Meeting
SPEAKER: Chris Buckley SUBJECT: Tibetan Rugs Details to follow,

Some Other Upcoming Textile Events and Other Events of Interest

The Textile Museum Calendar

DATE: October 3-14, 2019

Program details can be found here and here

DATE: November 1-3, 2019
EVENT: 40th meeting of the International Collectors of Türkmen carpets
LOCATION: Hamburg, Germany

This year, the 40th meeting of the International Collectors of Türkmen carpets will take place again in Hamburg, Germany on November 1-3, 2019. For this year's special anniversary, the program will include a lecture on Rare Türkmen Asmaliq, as well as a gallery exhibition and show-and-tell featuring many unusual examples of this traditional decoration for the wedding camel. IHBS members are invited to attend, and the normal registration fee will be waved for them. For more details, see here

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