November 15, 2015
Rugs and Textiles from the Southern and Western Caucasus
Tour of a Private collection

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Collectors have long enjoyed the bold and heraldic designs and beautiful colors of Kazak rugs, and other textiles from the Southern and Western Caucasus. The dragon rugs, which are the earliest known pile carpets from the Caucasus, were predominantly made in Karabagh, in the Southern Caucasus. Many rug designs seen in these regions reflect designs from Anatolia and Persia, and from the older embroidery tradition within the Caucasus itself. While certain designs are relatively characteristic of particular regions and groups within the Southern and Western Caucasus, the best parameters for determining the region of origin remain structural features and particular shades of color.

The host examined the development of design in textiles from the Southern and Western Caucasus. He described the relation between flatwoven and pile weavings within different groups in these regions. The discussion considered the different ethnic groups living in the area, and how design, color, and structure can help answer questions of age and geographic region of origin. The host showed some pile and flatwoven pieces from his collection as examples for discussion, and some participants brought in Caucasian rugs or textiles for a show and tell period.

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