A contemporary view of old Caucasian village rugs
November 15, 2009
Lecture by Raoul Tschebull

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A contemporary view of old Caucasian village rugs: What is known or not known about them and why, what some of the design sources are, and how and why design and structure changed over an undetermined period, ending in the early 20th century.

Raoul ("Mike") Tschebull has special a interest in village and nomad weavings of northwest Iran and the Transcaucasus, which has taken him to Iran and the Caucasus to speak at conferences and to do field research. His best known publication on Caucasian rugs is the 1971 exhibition catalog "Kazak: Carpets of the Caucasus", but over the years, he has written articles about Caucasian weavings for Hali on the development of four Kazak designs, Zeikhur rugs, deconstruction of the McMullan cruciform Kazak, and most recently, about "Karagashli" rugs under the section titled "Benchmarks". He was also the curator of the on-line exhibition, "To Have and To Hold: Art and function in Transport and Storage Bags" for the New England Rug Society

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