June 3, 2017
Lighting Your Carpets
Talk by Michael Kaplan

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The talk focused on practical suggestions for safely lighting your carpet collections in a manner that brings out the beauty of their colors. Definition of terms such as LEDs, MR16s, Kelvin, lumens, color temperature, low voltage, line voltage and ultra violet (UV) were covered. Topics included solar color films on windows and skylights to decrease fading due to heat and UV light, suggested bulbs and fixtures for ceiling-mounted accent lights, comparisons of LED, halogen and incandescent lights, recessed versus track lighting, examples of snap-on attachments for MR16 bulbs to "frame" your textiles and cost estimates of the above. A handout sheet of suggested bulbs, lenses and fixtures was provided. It can be downloaded here

Michael Kaplan is a recently retired veterinarian who loves carpets and the collection of the same. He joined IHBS and the Textile Museum to become more involved and knowledgeable about this field and to meet fellow collectors. He was involved with lining up continuing education veterinary programs for the Greater Baltimore Veterinary Medical Association and served as the group's vice president and president for the last 15 years before retiring.

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