May 5, 2013
Baluch Pile Weavings
DeWitt Mallery

Some pictures
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The group of piled weavings generally called “Baluch” includes a great variety of objects. We reviewed the current state of our information about this diverse group: what they are, where they come from, what we know and don’t know and why. We reviewed the more prominent sub-groups that have been defined, and the on-going issues of attribution and dating. The presentation nclude examples from the speaker’s collection, and members brought outstanding and/or unusual examples from their collections for presentation and discussion.

DeWitt Mallary has been collecting and studying rugs and textiles over the past three decades. From his original focus on Baluch and Turkmen rugs, his interests have expanded to many other areas of antique rugs and textiles. He has been a Contributing Editor of HALI Magazine for over 20 years, has delivered papers at the International and American Conferences on Oriental Carpets, has curated exhibitions including an exhibition of pieces from the collection of Col. Jeff Boucher at the Textile Museum, and has given presentations at a host of rug meetings and symposia in American and Europe. He is a long-standing member of the Hajji Baba Club in New York.

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