Some Musings on the Origins of the Turkmen Göl
Lecture by
Richard Wright
March 30, 2008

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Richard E. Wright

Some Musings on the Origins of the Turkmen Göl

The focus of this talk is the Khiva Khanate with special reference to the Chodor confederation, and the Bukhara Khanate and the Ersari. The argument involves a speculation on how the göl device might have come about, one which is rather different from the conventional view.

Dick Wright was the instigator of the Washington Textile Group, one of the two parent organizations to the present IHBS. He has for a long time been mining the travel literature and Russian records for background information on the origins of Caucasian and Turkmen weavings. He has generated various conference papers, articles, and books, most notably "Caucasian Carpets and Covers" with John Wertime.

His bimonthly "R.E. Wright Research Report" was published for 10 years, and is still a gold mine of nuggets for researchers. Happily, it has resumed operation via his web site (

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