February 12, 2017
Secrets of Tibetan Weaving

Talk by Rupert Smith

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Rupert Smith talked to us about Tibetan carpets as described in his book Secrets of Tibetan Weaving: The Greensmith Collection. Topics included the origins of Tibetan weaving, looms and techniques, the making of Tibetan rugs, Chequer rugs (Shomig), cushions, Gampa Dzong carpets, Gyantse carpets, horse trappings, and Wangden monastic carpets. Rupert brought 19thC Tibetan rugs and an example of an early silk road Tibetan Imperial period (660-770AD) silk as well for study purposes.

Rupert Smith is from Derbyshire, England, and bought his first rug in the bazaar in Istanbul over thirty years ago. Following his first visit to Tibet in 1986 he has dedicated himself to the study of Tibetan culture, with particular attention to the unique craft of Tibetan weft and weave. As well as having an eye for the rugs characteristic of daily life on the remote Tibetan plateau, he sponsors a project in Tibet dedicated to making Wangden meditation rugs. With energy and tenacity Rupert has promoted the revival of ancient skills by supplying the weavers with natural dyes from Nepal and India and has brought them to the attention of the outside world. His knowledge of the rarest and most exquisite antique Tibetan rugs is second to none and can be found in his book Secrets of Tibetan Weaving.

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