January 22, 2012
The IHBS Annual Meeting, Dinner and Talk by Bruce Baganz

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Speaker: Bruce Baganz, President of the Board of Trustees, The Textile Museum on the topic of:

AFFILIATION OF THE TEXTILE MUSEUM AND GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY: The TM GW arrangement, and the current work-in-progress architectural design of the new museum

The Textile Museum and George Washington University have recently announced an affiliation, in which The Textile Museum will relocate in 2014 to a new museum building located in the center of the GW campus, and where the TM will be the cornerstone of a new university museum. The move, in which the TMís mission will not change, will help secure the future of the TM, and will give greater access its collection to both increased numbers of general museum visitors as well as to textile scholars and connoisseurs. The arrangement between the TM and GW is key to The Textile Museum achieving its fundamental challenge of cultivating the next generation of those who appreciate textiles as art.

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